Risk Assessment of Listeria monocytogenes in Ready-to-eat Foods: Technical Report
Microbiological Risk Assessment Series, No. 5
Nonserial Publication
World Health Organization
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English     2004        303   pages
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Listeria monocytogenes is widely dispersed in the environment and foods is capable of growing even at refrigeration temperatures. Foodborne listeriosis, although relatively rare, is a clinically serious disease that largely affects specific higher-risk segments of the population. Cases of listeriosis appear to be predominately associated with ready-to-eat products. This volume addresses the risk of listeriosis associated with these foods. It has been prepared and reviewed by an international group of experts with input from FAO/WHO expert consultations, the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene and peer and public review.
The monographs in this volume include data and methodology relevant to the four steps of risk assessment - hazard identification, exposure assessment, hazard characterization and risk characterization- of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat foods. It includes four example risk assessments addressing the risk of listeriosis associated with milk, ice cream, fermented meats and cold smoked fish. These products were selected to represent various classes of ready-to-eat products.