Basic Epidemiology
Second Edition
Nonserial Publication
Bonita, R., Beaglehole, R., Kjellstr÷m, T.
World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241547079 ISBN-10    9241547073
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English     2006        219   pages
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Table of contents
Chapter 1. What is epidemiology?
Chapter 2. Measuring health and disease
Chapter 3. Types of studies
Chapter 4. Basic biostatistics: concepts and tools
Chapter 5. Causation in epidemiology
Chapter 6. Epidemiology and prevention: chronic noncommunicable diseases
Chapter 7. Communicable diseases: epidemiology, surveillance and response
Chapter 8. Clinical epidemiology
Chapter 9. Environmental and occupational epidemiology
Chapter 10. Epidemiology, health policy and planning
Chapter 11. First steps in practical epidemiology
Further reading
Further training
Study questions