Educational Handbook for Health Personnel
Sixth Edition. Updated 1998
WHO Offset Publication No 35
Guilbert, J.-J.
World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241706353 ISBN-10    924170635X
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English     1998        362   pages
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The sixth edition of an educational handbook, revised and updated in 1992, that has become a standard text for training teachers in the health sciences. Unorthodox in its approach, the book challenges teachers to increase their skills so as to make learning easier for students. To this end, readers are given a task-oriented exercise in self-learning that can help them rethink attitudes, reorient teaching objectives, and then master the appropriate skills. The importance of producing graduates who are able to respond to community and individual health needs is repeatedly emphasized.
The book features five main chapters covering educational objectives, evaluation, planning, programme construction, test and measurement techniques, and the organization of an educational workshop. Within each chapter, theoretical information is presented and followed, wherever appropriate, by exercise sheets. Such a format makes it possible for the reader to skip and select, test and choose, according to his individual interests. Though most practical examples pertain to the medical and nursing professions, the handbook has also enjoyed wide use in teacher training for the dentistry, pharmacy, and sanitary engineering professions.
"... invaluable to both trainer teachers and those in training... well worth purchasing for use by staff at all levels..."
- Nursing Times