WHO Expert Consultation on Rabies
Second Report
WHO Technical Report Series, No 982
World Health Organization
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English     2013        144   pages
Table of contents
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Table of contents

1. The burden of rabies
2. Classification of lyssaviruses
3. Pathogenesis
4. Diagnosis
5. Management of patients before and after death
6. Vaccines and rabies immunoglobulin for humans
7. Vaccines for animals
8. Prevention of human rabies
9. National programmes for dog rabies control
10. Prevention and control of rabies in wild animals
11. Rabies surveillance
12. Rabies-free countries or areas
13. International movement of animals
14. Global and regional activities on rabies
15. Research

Concluding remarks

Annex 1
List of participants

Annex 2
Record form for cases of possible exposure to rabies

Annex 3
Four steps for replacing nervous tissues vaccine by modern rabies vaccines produced on cell culture or embryonated eggs

Annex 4
Technique for intradermal administration of rabies vaccine and precautions to be taken

Annex 5
Recommended post-exposure prophylaxis according to type of exposure

Annex 6
Suggested rabies vaccination certificate for humans

Annex 7
Suggested rabies vaccination certificate for dogs, cats and ferrets

Annex 8
WHO collaborating centres on rabies, neurovirology, viral zoonoses and zoonoses control