Research Priorities for Helminth Infections
Technical Report of the TDR Disease Reference Group on Helminth Infections
Technical Report Series, No 972
World Health Organization
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English     2012        191   pages
Table of contents
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Table of contents
The TDR Disease Reference Group on Helminth Infections
Acronyms and abbreviations
List of species
Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. Methodology and prioritization
3.Overview of trends and driving forces of persistent, emerging and re-emerging helminth infections and the consequent research and control challenges
4. Overview of significant recent advances for the control and elimination of helminth infections and deeper analysis of control challenges and research issues for helminth diseases
5. Intersectoral and cross-cutting issues
6. Regional highlights and research capacity
7. Regional and national policies on research and their implications
8. Research priority recommendations to policy and decision-makers
9. Conclusions
10. References
Annex 1 The TDR disease and thematic reference groups Think Tank for Infectious Diseases of Poverty, and host countries
Annex 2 Membership of the Disease Reference Group on Helminth Infections (DRG4)
Annex 3 Composition of the Think Tank
Annex 4 Distribution of the Think Tank leadership (co-Chairs)
Annex 5 The top ten research priority areas for helminthiases recommended by DRG4
Annex 6 Research landmarks and their projected impacts on the helminthiases in the short, mid and long term periods