Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases in Elderly People
Report of a WHO Study Group
Technical Report Series, No 853
World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241208536 ISBN-10    9241208538
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English     1995        72   pages
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A state-of-the-art review of what is currently known about the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases in elderly people and the possibilities for prevention. Noting that little attention has been given to the problem of cardiovascular diseases in this age group, the report aims to highlight opportunities for prevention while also underscoring the medical, social, and economic implications of increased longevity and the corresponding increase in the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. Both population-based approaches to prevention and strategies for reaching high-risk individuals are considered. Areas where knowledge is weak and research is urgently needed are also indicated.
The report has six main sections. The first, on demographic trends, summarizes key characteristics of the elderly population in various parts of the world, discusses the current and projected size of the elderly population, and describes changes in life expectancy over the past four years. A profile of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly is provided in the second section, which includes information on the global burden of cardiovascular diseases, trends in mortality rates and possible explanations, the most important cardiovascular diseases affecting the elderly, and eight principal risk factors. The third and most extensive section reviews health policy options for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in elderly people and discusses their relative cost-effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on lifestyle approaches and on the medical management of risk factors. The remaining sections discuss opportunities for rehabilitation and establish guidelines for the development of health policies aimed at the prevention of cardiovascular disease in the elderly.