CDROM International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Related Problems (The) ICD-10. 2008 Edition. Training tool
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World Health Organization
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English     2010
This new electronic training tool is based on 17 years' practical experience in providing training for ICD-10 in the WHO Network for the Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC). The new ICD-10 training tool takes advantage of recent developments in technology, which have enhanced its content and structure.

The modular structure of the new training tool means that courses can be tailored specifically to users needs - focusing either on different aspects of the classification or the whole classification.

The tool's examples, exercises, graphics and interactivity make it easy to use and stimulate trainees' interest. In short, it makes learning ICD-10 a pleasant experience.

.The full training package consists of 28 sections, taking approximately 40 hours' to complete. Coders undertaking the full training will learn about classification context, how to use ICD-10 for morbidity and mortality coding, pitfalls in coding and analysis, basic medical science, statistical presentation of coded data, confidentiality and certification of causes of death.
. Basic introductory training on how to code with ICD-10 and how to avoid major errors in coding takes approximately 2 hours.
. The material on the correct use of the international medical certificate of cause of death takes about 30 minutes to complete.
. Managers, epidemiologists and others who don't need to code, but who nevertheless need to understand the process involved, can gain the information they require by spending the 5 hours needed to complete the introductory section of the tool and working through chapter summaries.

The ICD-10 training tool is available on a CD-ROM.