Peer Education Kit for Uniformed Services
Implementing HIV/AIDS/STI Peer Education for Uniformed Services
UNAIDS Publication
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English     2003        248   pages
There is a critical need to find effective ways of reducing the risky behaviour that leads to infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among uniformed service populations (i.e., military, peacekeepers, police). Behavioural change, based on acquiring knowledge and learning skills, along with individual risk assessment, is one of the most effective ways of achieving this and of encouraging uniformed services personnel to become advocates in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Peer education is an important component in this process. When addressing HIV/AIDS/STIs among uniformed services, this Peer Education Kit can be used both in the training of peer educators and by the peer educators themselves.

The kit is divided into two sections:

Section 1: Module 1-5: Peer Education
These modules provide an overview of what constitutes peer education, how to train peer educators and how to carry out effective training sessions. It is designed to inform planners and policy-makers who may eventually develop and manage a peer leadership programme. It is also targeted at peer educator trainers. This section also includes a module on monitoring and evaluation, which can be used by the trainer/peer educator to determine the impact of their work.

Section 2: Module 6-14: Group Participatory Exercises>
This section includes exercises to be used by peer leaders to desensitize sexual issues and to assess risk and enhance relationship communications. Exercises relating to sexual violence, alcohol and substance abuse, and stigma and discrimination are also included. This section can be used by both trainers of peer educators and the peer educators themselves.