Metabolic, Nutritional, and Endocrine Disorders. International Nomenclature of Diseases, Volume VI
International Nomenclature of Diseases, Vol 6
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English     1991        487   pages
A dictionary of over 750 metabolic, nutritional, and endocrine disorders, each entered under a single recommended name, concisely defined, and accompanied by a comprehensive list of synonyms. Diseases are defined on the basis of their cause or pathogenesis, an approach which posed particular problems in view of the many newly detected metabolic disorders whose underlying biochemical or genetic defect remains to be elucidated.
Nineteen of the volume's 27 chapters are devoted to metabolic disorders. These are restricted to genetic disorders in which a local or generalized biochemical defect is known to exist or in which there is good evidence of such a defect. Virtually all confirmed defects, recognized as diseases in current medical practice, are named and defined, including a large number of extremely rare disorders. Disorders arising from nutritional deficiencies are also covered. The remaining chapters provide recommended names and definitions for a large number of endocrine disorders, including diabetes mellitus and diabetic syndromes.