Tobacco-Free Youth
A "Life Skills" Primer
PAHO Scientific and Technical Publication, No 579
ISBN-13    9789275115794 ISBN-10    9275115796
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English     2000        60   pages
A practical guide to the Life Skills methodology as an especially effective tool for the prevention of tobacco and other substance use in youth. Focused on the needs of developing countries in the region of the Americas, the book uses striking photographs, compelling evidence, and alarming statistics to enforce the urgent need for strong preventive action. Throughout, case studies from the Americas illustrate both the formidable powers of the tobacco industry and the effectiveness of the Life Skills approach as a strategy for striking back.
The book has six chapters presented in two parts. Part one provides an overview of the scope of the tobacco problem, focusing on youth in developing countries in the Americas. Topics addressed include trends in tobacco consumption and tobacco-related deaths, factors that encourage youth to experiment with tobacco, specific industry practices in the region, and reasons for the lack of progress in tobacco control, including misperceptions about economic costs in tobacco-producing countries. Conditions in the Americas that increase the vulnerability of youth to media and social pressures are also discussed. Part one concludes with detailed advice on how to formulate policies and set up school-based prevention programmes.
The Life Skills approach forms the focus of part two, which includes both theoretical and practical discussions of the approach, supported by step-by-step guidelines for the planning and implementation of prevention programmes. The book concludes with a case study of a highly successful, school-based, and culturally appropriate programme in Costa Rica.