Health Statistics from the Americas
1998 Edition
PAHO Scientific Publication, No 567
ISBN-13    9789275115671 ISBN-10    9275115672
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English     1998        476   pages
Presents a wealth of country-specific statistical data, including mortality trends and selected demographic estimates and projections, for countries in the Americas. The volume has three parts. The first, on health during childhood, opens with trends from 1950-1990 showing population dynamics in children under five years of age. Country-specific trends in infant mortality are also included. Estimated death rates are then presented for broad groups of causes for children under one year and children 1-4 years of age. Additional statistical information, relevant to child health, is provided for breastfeeding patterns, nutritional status, mortality from specific childhood diseases, trends in reported cases of vaccine-preventable diseases, number of children covered by immunization, reported cases of paediatric AIDS, and mortality due to accidents.
Part two presents data on registered mortality in specific age groups. Chapters provide a summarized presentation of causes of death in children under five years of age, and give mortality data for several age groups immediately following early childhood. These data, many of which are published here for the first time, should prove especially useful in studies of adolescent health.
The third and most extensive part sets out summarized mortality data, by age group and sex, for all country-years received subsequent to the previous edition, published in 1995. Some 121 data years from 29 countries are included.