Health Conditions in the Caribbean
PAHO Scientific Publication, No 561
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English     1997        326   pages
A comprehensive overview of health conditions, and the factors that shape them, in English-speaking countries of the Caribbean. Authored by experts with first-hand knowledge of these countries, the volume aims to identify common health problems, trace their causes, assess trends over time, and thus help define areas for priority action. Throughout, particular attention is given to shared problems and opportunities for collaborative action to solve them, particularly in view of this region's long history of collective action.
The book contains fifteen chapters presented in two parts. The seven chapters in part one explore the social, economic, and political factors that have shaped health conditions in the Caribbean and help explain recent trends. Problems identified include geographical isolation, severe financial constraints, shortages of equipment and essential drugs, deteriorating health facilities, inadequacies in planning and management, and weak communications systems. Chapters in part one also consider what is being done to improve conditions through the use of health legislation, research from within the region, health promotion, and programmes focused on women's health.
Chapters in part two describe regional and national developments in eight specific areas of health. Five of these correspond to priorities identified by the Caribbean Cooperation in Health initiative: maternal and child health, food and nutrition, control of noncommunicable diseases and injuries, AIDS prevention and control, and environmental protection, including the response to natural and man-made disasters. Other chapters discuss problems linked to the growing population of the elderly, describe the most important mental disorders and the services available for coping with them, and present the results of oral health surveys conducted in the region.