Health Promotion: An Anthology
PAHO Scientific Publication, No 557
ISBN-13    9789275115572 ISBN-10    9275115575
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English     1996        371   pages
A collection of 26 landmark papers that have helped shape the concept and practice of health promotion. Health promotion aims to enable individuals and communities to improve and maintain their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. In selecting papers for inclusion, the compilers were guided by two main objectives: to disseminate a broad range of information taken from the health promotion literature, and to present papers that were crucial to the growth and development of health promotion as a worldwide strategy.
Papers are presented in five parts. The first, on developing a framework, traces the progress of ideas that took root in the 1820s and eventually culminated in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion of 1986. "Building healthy public policy" provides the focus for the second part, which makes the case that health promotion has its greatest effect in public policy, in the collective arena rather than the individual. Part three, on strengthening community action, focuses on the challenge of transforming written policy into successful programmes and on methods of evaluating community interventions.
Part four, which addresses the development of personal health skills, examines strategies that help people adopt healthy behaviours and evaluates the media's role in advancing public health initiatives. The anthology concludes with a collection of papers on health promotion for specific groups. The book also reproduces key documents in the health promotion movement in the Americas including the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion.