Health Conditions in the Americas
1994 Edition Volume I & II
PAHO Scientific Publication, No 549
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English     1994        906   pages
A statistical and analytical report, in two volumes, documenting health trends and changes in health status for countries in the Americas during 1989-1992. The first volume, which has six main parts, reports on health conditions from a regional perspective. The first two parts summarize health and living conditions, describe demographic characteristics and trends, and provide an overview of changes in mortality rates. Part three explores health conditions in the Americas, focusing on children, adults, the elderly, women, workers, and indigenous peoples. Parts four and five profile the main diseases and other health problems that affect the general population, and assess the impact of environmental conditions on health. The sixth part, which examines the health systems infrastructure, describes the health sector's response to the problems that have been identified. The first volume concludes with a tabular presentation of statistical data for selected indicators of health and development.
The second volume consists of analytical country profiles of health conditions and health services in each of the region's 44 countries. Country reports, which identify key health problems and changing trends over time, are supported by detailed statistical data on leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Use of a standard format facilitates inter-country comparison.