Tobacco or Health: Status in the Americas
A Report of the Pan American Health Organization
PAHO Scientific Publication, No 536
ISBN-13    9789275115367 ISBN-10    9275115362
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English     1992        399   pages
A detailed, country-by-country report on the status of tobacco use, tobacco-related diseases, and efforts to control tobacco use in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. For each of 32 countries, the report provides information on the general socioeconomic context, the tobacco industry and its marketing strategies, tobacco use, rates of mortality and morbidity attributed to smoking, and smoking prevention and control activities.
The report responds to a rapidly emerging epidemic of smoking-related diseases, fuelled by the marketing tactics of the transnational tobacco companies and aided by changing lifestyles in many of the developing countries in this region. Because of the importance and innovation of the Canadian tobacco control programme, the report devotes considerable space to descriptive and analytical information on Canada.
Most of the data presented in the country profiles were collected especially for the report, making the book a unique source of information on smoking trends, associated morbidity and mortality, and various activities, at government and community levels, that have been introduced to combat tobacco use. Details include data on the agricultural importance of tobacco, cigarette production, taxes, illegal trade, restrictions on advertising, changes in per capita cigarette consumption, and public knowledge and attitudes about smoking. Each chapter also includes summaries of legislation to control tobacco use, limit product advertising, restrict access by young people, report tar and nicotine content, and mandate product labelling.