Herbal Medicine for Human Health
SEARO Regional Publications, No 20
Chaudhury, R.R.
ISBN-13    9789290221623 ISBN-10    9290221623
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English     1992        96   pages
Examines the research issues and methodological problems that need to be resolved in order to exploit the therapeutic potential of medicinal plants and herbs. The opening chapters describe the potential uses of medicinal herbs in primary health care, set out criteria for the selection of plants for further research or immediate use, and compare the use of specific remedies in different countries. The third chapter, devoted to research, considers the need for a different methodological approach when attempting to develop drugs from herbal sources. Arguing that the clinical trial methodology developed for synthetic compounds is inappropriate for testing medicinal plants, the fourth chapter establishes a model for clinical evaluation that avoids several of these methodological pitfalls. Subsequent chapters consider what can be done to strengthen the role of herbal remedies in primary health care, and address questions of standardization and regulation. The book concludes with an outline of research priorities for the coming decades.
"... The author deserves to be complimented on having condensed so much information into such a short book..." - Indian Journal of Medical Research