Western Pacific Country Health Information Profiles
2008 Revision
WPRO Nonserial Publication
WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
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English     2006        436   pages
Country health information profiles (CHIPS) were first published in 1974 by the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific. This 2008 edition comprises the country profiles and the health databanks for each country and area of the WHO Western Pacific Region. It contains crude data that are supplied either by the health ministries/departments or compiled from national databases and reference libraries. Estimates and adjusted data from various published sources are also used. Every effort is made to update the figures and analyses in CHIPS annually in response to ever-growing demands for current data and information.

The country profiles provide readers with background on each country's demographic, political and socioeconomic situation as related to health-seeking behaviour and prevailing health conditions. Trends in major diseases conditions afflicting specific age groups and the population as a whole are also illustrated. The health system is detailed to provide information as to the country's priorities, policies, strategies and resources to address health problems and improve the health and lives of its people. A country health databank is annexed to each country profile and contains different sets of indicators. To facilitate intercountry comparisons, a statistical annex is made available at the end.