Islamic Ruling on Animal Slaughter
The Right Path to Health, Health Education through Religion No 3
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WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
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English     1997        25   pages
Sets out the conclusions reached by experts and legal scholars asked to advise about methods of animal slaughter that are permitted by Islamic law and thus render meat fit for consumption by Muslims. The report responds to the heavy dependence of many Muslim countries on imported meat and the corresponding need to ascertain whether animals have been slaughtered in conformity with Islamic teachings. The report also issues advice about meat consumption for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries.
The report opens with a brief description of general principles of animal slaughter prescribed by Islamic law. Section two indicates which methods of slaughter are permissible and which are clearly prohibited. The Islamic ruling on the consumption of meat is covered in section three, which lists meat which is indisputably forbidden, meat considered forbidden by the majority of Muslim jurists, and animals whose meat is unanimously considered fit for consumption. The remaining sections discuss the electrical stunning of animals prior to slaughter, giving particular attention to the questions of whether the animal experiences pain and whether subsequent slaughter conforms with Islamic teachings. The report concludes that animal slaughter following electrical stunning is unquestionably permitted by Islamic law.