Islamic Ruling on Smoking
The Right Path to Health Health Education through Religion No 1
EMRO Nonserial Publication
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
ISBN-13    9789290211679 ISBN-10    9290211679
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English     1996        95   pages
A collection of the opinions of 10 eminent Muslim scholars concerning the Islamic ruling on smoking, including the issue of passive smoking. The collection is part of a series of publications, issued by the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, that acknowledge the strong influence of religion in this part of the world and the power of religious teachings to encourage healthy behaviour.
Succinct summaries of the conclusions reached by these scholars are followed by reproduction of the full texts of their formal religious legal opinions. These texts enable readers to follow the reasoning used in reaching conclusions. The general consensus concerning the Islamic ruling is that smoking is either completely prohibited or abhorrent to such a degree as to be prohibited. The book concludes with a series of seventeen questions and answers, suitable for use in health education campaigns, about smoking and the harm it causes.