Challenge of Obesity in the WHO European Region and the Strategies for Response (The)
EURO Nonserial Publication
Branca, F., Nikogosian, H., Lobstein, T.
WHO Regional Office for Europe
ISBN-13    9789289013888 ISBN-10    9289013885
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English     2007        73   pages
In a brief, clear and easily accessible way, this summary illustrates the dynamics of the obesity epidemic and its impact on public health throughout the WHO European Region, particularly in eastern countries. It describes how factors that increase the risk of obesity are shaped in different settings, such as the family, school, community and workplace. It makes both ethical and economic arguments for accelerating action against obesity, and analyses effective programmes and policies in different government sectors, such as education, health, agriculture and trade, urban planning and transport. The summary also describes how to design policies and programmes to prevent obesity and how to monitor progress, and calls for specific action by stakeholders: not only government sectors but also the private sector - including food manufacturers, advertisers and traders - and professional, consumers', and international and intergovernmental organizations such as the European Union.

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