Eliminating Measles and Rubella and Preventing Congenital Rubella Infection
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WHO Regional Office for Europe
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English     2005        28   pages
Immunization saves lives, so strengthening national immunization systems is an important goal in the WHO European Region. The WHO Regional Office for Europe launched a strategic plan in 2002 to eliminate measles and prevent congenital rubella infection, and in 2005 expanded it to include the elimination of rubella as well.

This report charts the considerable progress made since 2002:

- all 52 Member States now have routine two-dose measles immunization schedules;
- 26 (50%) have achieved a measles incidence of under 1 per million population, one indicator of measles elimination;
- 48 (92%) are now using rubella vaccine; and
- 47 use measles vaccine combined with rubella vaccine.

This progress indicates that the objectives of the plan are possible. The report also identifies key strategies and actions for countries to adopt (in the areas of national policy development, surveillance, vaccine quality and safety, communication and advocacy, and the development of a certification process) and indicators to use to measure progress, if they want to meet the targets by 2010.