Beyond the Numbers
Reviewing Maternal Deaths and Complications to make Pregnancy Safer. With CD-Rom
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English     2004        150   pages
Every year some eight million women suffer pregnancy-related complications and over half a million die. Most of these deaths can be averted even where resources are limited but, in order to do so, the right kind of information is needed upon which to base actions. Knowing the statistics on levels of maternal mortality is not enough-we need information that helps us identify what can be done to prevent such unnecessary deaths.
Beyond the numbers presents ways of generating this kind of information. The approaches described go beyond just counting deaths to developing an understanding of why they happened and how they can be averted. It is directed at health professionals, health care planners and managers working in the area of maternal and newborn health who are striving to improve the quality of care provided.
The publication includes a CD-ROM of sample data collection and analysis forms to serve as a basis for local adaptation.