Trace Elements in Human Nutrition and Health
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World Health Organization
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English     1996        361   pages
Issues authoritative recommendations concerning nutritional requirements and safe ranges of intake for nineteen trace elements important to human health. Representing the consensus reached by a large number of international experts, the book aims to give scientists and those responsible for nutrition planning a solid basis for assessing dietary intakes of trace elements, detecting deficiencies and excesses, and recognizing the clinical features of related disorders. Throughout, guidelines and advice respond to greatly expanded knowledge about the significant impact that even subtle differences in trace elements can have on health and disease.
The core of the report, which has three parts, provides authoritative recommendations on the nutritional significance, requirements for health, and safe range of daily intakes for nineteen trace elements in three categories. These include essential elements, such as iodine and zinc, probably essential elements, such as manganese and silicon, and potentially toxic elements, such as fluoride, lead, cadmium and mercury, which may also have some essential functions at low levels.
Chapters in the final part provide detailed guidelines for the design and interpretation of research on trace elements. A chapter on analytical methodology concentrates on the problems encountered in determining trace elements in biological samples and dietary materials. The next chapter uses data from dietary surveys in 27 countries to discuss methods for assessing dietary intakes and to highlight problems of data interpretation. The final chapter offers advice on how to determine whether the dietary habits of specific communities will increase the risk of disorders related to trace elements.
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