Strengthening Health Management in Districts and Provinces
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Cassels, A., Janovsky, K.
World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241544832 ISBN-10    924154483X
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English     1995        81   pages
Provides the practical tools, advice, and encouragement needed to help district and provincial health management teams tackle - and overcome - problems encountered in their daily work. Addressed to facilitators, the book concentrates on the use of three carefully planned and timed workshops as a framework for identifying and analysing problems, developing practical solutions, and preparing and subsequently revising plans of action in the light of experience gained. The tools and techniques used at the workshops were developed and refined during two years of testing in the field. Based as it is on practical experience, the manual is also able to provide its readers with encouragement, showing how district managers in a diversity of settings have set about solving key problems of programme implementation - whether concerning the maintenance of vehicles or the supply of essential drugs.
The manual has three parts. The first, which provides an overview of the learning process detailed in the rest of the book, uses a question-and-answer format to address a wide range of questions the reader may have concerning why the process is needed and what it can achieve. The second part sets out operational guidelines for planning, facilitation and support. The third part, which constitutes the core of the manual, provides a detailed day-to-day guide to the scheduling of three separate workshops, the topics to be covered in each daily session, and the methods most likely to facilitate group participation and problem-based learning. The practical value of this material is greatly enhanced through the inclusion of a full set of model handouts to be used, after adaptation to the local situation, by participants.
"... one of the most practical and `user-friendly' handbooks on the market for health managers and facilitators in developing countries..."
- Health Policy and Planning