Maintenance and Repair of Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, and Hospital Equipment
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World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241544634 ISBN-10    9241544635
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English     1994        164   pages
A practical guide to the maintenance and repair of essential laboratory and hospital equipment. Intended for use in institutions that do not have specially trained technicians or engineers, the book responds to the situation, frequently seen in developing countries, where much of the equipment is imported and adequate information on maintenance and repair is rarely provided by suppliers. With these special needs in mind, the manual aims to help staff using specific types of equipment to understand basic principles of construction and operation, adopt good working practices, avoid common errors, perform routine maintenance, and spot the early signs of defects or deterioration. Advice on equipment repair concentrates on common causes of problems that can be solved without expertise in engineering.
Throughout the manual, line drawings illustrate features of construction and design, while numerous checklists offer advice on periodic inspection and cleaning, good working practices, and the essential do's, don'ts, must's, and never's of routine operation and maintenance. Information ranges from the steps to follow when recharging batteries, through advice on how to protect microscopes in hot climates, to instructions for changing a blown fuse in an ultrasound scanner. Basic safety procedures, for protecting staff as well as patients, are also described.
The most extensive chapter covers the maintenance and repair of basic laboratory equipment, moving from autoclaves and incubators, to cell counters and systems for water purification. The remaining chapters describe the correct use, maintenance, and repair of diagnostic equipment, anaesthetic and resuscitation equipment, operating room equipment, and ultrasound and X-ray diagnostic equipment.