Anaesthesia at the District Hospital
Second Edition
Nonserial Publication
Dobson, M.
World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241545273 ISBN-10    9241545275
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English     2000        160   pages
The second edition of practical manual designed to help medical officers in small hospitals acquire competence in the use of essential techniques for inducing anaesthesia. Procedures for both elective surgery and emergency care of the critically ill are considered. Addressed to doctors having at least one year of postgraduate clinical experience, the book concentrates on a selection of basic techniques, procedures, and equipment capable of producing good anaesthesia despite the limited resources usually found in small hospitals. With these limitations in mind, the book aims to equip its readers to manage, safely and effectively, all the most important needs for routine and emergency anaesthesia.
The manual, which was prepared in collaboration with the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists, has been substantially revised to reflect changes in clinical practice, equipment, and drugs.
"It is practical, sensible and exactly suited for the intended audience. It is quite possibly the best basic anaesthetic textbook that I have seen."
- 2001 BMA Medical Book Competition
From reviews of the first edition:
"... full of extremely valuable information and advice... clear, precise, and easy to read ... Many doctors working in the district hospitals of developing countries will be immensely helped..."

- British Journal of Anaesthesiology

"... lavishly illustrated with large clear drawings... "

- Today's Anaesthetist

"... superb ... buy a copy - or three ... "

- Anaesthesia and Intensive Care