Promoting Health through Schools
Report of a WHO Expert Committee on Comprehensive School Health Education and Promotion
Technical Report Series, No 870
World Health Organization
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English     1997        99   pages
Considers the wide range of issues surrounding efforts to use schools as a setting for health promotion. Addressed to educational and health professionals, the report takes its focus from the great potential of school health programmes to improve both the health of students and their academic performance. With this potential in mind, the report draws on recent experiences from around the world to demonstrate the feasibility of school health programmes and illustrate strategies for their implementation.
The report has four sections. The first introduces the rationale for school health promotion, noting that schools provide an ideal, though largely under-used, setting for tackling the priority health problems of students, their families, and communities. Common threats to the health of children and adolescents, appropriate for inclusion in school health programmes, are also identified and discussed.
Section two, on trends in school health, reviews the current status of school health promotion around the world and identifies three areas where activities within the school setting can have an impact on health: the provision of health services, the inclusion of health education in curricula, and the creation of a healthy environment. Health problems addressed include HIV/AIDS, nutrition and food safety, tobacco use, psychological problems, malaria, and helminth infections. Section two also describes a framework that can be used for strategic planning.
Section three provides advice on how to strengthen school health programmes at the international, national, and local levels. Examples of programmes from around the world are used to illustrate the success of specific strategies for tackling priority health problems. The final section takes a look at existing research on school health programmes and discusses the lines of further investigation needed to improve current strategies and validate their impact on the health of students and their academic performance.