Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, Vol. 19 No. 5, 2013
Trilingual edition English/French/Arabic
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
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The EMHJ was launched in 1995 as a peer-reviewed medical journal. Starting January 2010, the Journal has been given a new format and is now published monthly. The EMHJ serves as a forum for the dissemination of biomedical information through the publication of scientific research papers on a range of topics related to public health, with particular relevance to the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

In this month's issue: Antimicrobial drug resistance threat: our duty towards future generations; Barriers affecting utilization of family planning services among rural Egyptian women; Determining appropriate strategies for improving women s health promoting behaviours: using the nominal group technique; Population-based health survey in Eastern region of Saudi Arabia; Magnitude and risk factors for burnout among primary health care physicians in Asir province, Saudi Arabia; Prevalence of depression and associated factors among elderly Sudanese: a household survey in Khartoum State; Prevalence of childhood maltreatment among college students in Erbil, Iraq; Second-hand smoke and indoor air quality in public places in Gaza city; Effect of yogic intervention on the autonomic nervous system in the patients with coronary artery disease: a randomized controlled trial; Factors associated with osteoporosis among a sample of Jordanian women referred for investigation for osteoporosis; Profil épidémiologique des grossesses à risque à Sousse (Tunisie) ; Prevalence of food contamination with Listeria spp. in Kermanshah, Islamic Republic of Iran; An audit on the knowledge, beliefs and attitudes about the uses and side-effects of antibiotics among outpatients attending 2 teaching hospitals in Jordan; Postoperative pain is undertreated: results from a local survey at Jordan University HospitalPostoperative pain is undertreated: results from a local survey at Jordan University Hospital; Quantitative estimation of interferon-gamma levels among Egyptian polytransfused haematology cases; Cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania major in Morocco: still a topical question; Change in hospital protocol regarding the use of vitamin K prophylaxis in newborns following a case of spontaneous subdural haematoma in a previously healthy 40-day-old infant; Chikungunya virus: emergence of an arthritic arbovirus in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.