Bulletin of WHO Vol. 91, No. 07, 2013
WHO BULLETIN. (Published in English with abstracts in French, Spanish, Arabic)
World Health Organization
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.     2013        80   pages
The Bulletin of the World Health Organization is an international journal of public health with a special focus on developing countries. Since it was first published in 1948, the Bulletin has become one of the world's leading public health journals. As the flagship periodical of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bulletin draws on WHO experts as editorial advisers, reviewers and authors as well as on external collaborators.

In this month's issue: BRICS and global health: a call for papers; Placing populations health at the heart of the post-2015 agenda; Ensuring food safety and nutrition security to protect consumer health: 50 years of the Codex Alimentarius Commission; Willingness to pay for methadone maintenance treatment in Vietnamese epicentres of injection-drug-driven HIV infection; Development assistance for health in Africa: are we telling the right story?; Impact of expanded access to combination antiretroviral therapy in pregnancy: results from a cohort study in Ukraine; The global burden of congenital toxoplasmosis: a systematic review; Smoking-related deaths averted due to three years of policy progress; Estimating health expenditure shares from household surveys; Trends in mortality from respiratory disease in Latin America since 1998 and the impact of the 2009 influenza pandemic; Using TRIPS flexibilities to facilitate access to medicines; Reaching the poor with adequately iodized salt through the Supplementary Nutrition Programme and Midday Meal Scheme in Madhya Pradesh, India.