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Users of this website are directed to the following disclaimers:

Antivenom Products

This website gives information, provided to WHO, on available antivenom products and their claimed specificity against the venoms of particular snake species. However, the information on antivenom preparations in this website does not constitute an endorsement or warranty by WHO of the fitness of any product for a particular purpose, including in regard to its safety and/or efficacy. Furthermore WHO does not warrant or represent that the list is complete or error free; and/or that the products and manufacturing sites listed meet the standards recommended by WHO, and/or that the products listed have obtained regulatory approval for their specified use or any other use in any country of the world, or that their use is otherwise in accordance with the national laws and regulations of any country, including but not limited to patent and/or trademark laws. In addition, WHO wishes to alert procuring agencies that the improper storage, handling and transportation of medicinal products may affect their quality, efficacy and safety. WHO disclaims any and all liability and responsibility for any injury, death, loss, damage or other prejudice of any kind whatsoever that may arise as a result of, or in connection with, the procurement, distribution and use of any product included in the list.

Venomous Snake Distributions

Distribution data are indicative and are based on available literature and data sources. As documentation of biodiversity improves, and new information emerges, species distributions may be amended to reflect changes in species ranges and/or taxonomy. Category 1 and Category 2 risk classifications may change as more data become available.


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