Implementation guidance for health providers and planners


Disclosure of HIV status is continuous process. It occurs throughout adolescence and ranges from informing a young person of their own HIV status – either at diagnosis or later, depending upon their age – to the adolescent independently sharing their HIV status with others when he or she is ready to do so. Adolescents and young people need a lot of support from health providers, peers and the community to disclose safely and confidently, and to be able to cope with any negative reactions from family and friends. Adolescents and young people in key populations are particularly sensitive to confidentiality issues as they often risk legal consequences and abuse linked to their high-risk practices and lifestyles.

WHO recommendation on HIV disclosure

Adolescents should be counselled about the potential benefits and risks of disclosure of their HIV status to others and empowered and supported to determine if, when, how and to whom to disclose. Read more